Winter layup

In the winter months you can have your boat stored with us. We have a 3,000m2 covered and heated winter lay-up hall. Outside we have 5,000m2 of winter storage space at our disposal, so that your boat always has a good place in storage facilities, even with a standing mast.

Winter lay-up application form 2020 – 2021

Details of your boat
Dimensions of your boat
Location of your boat
Key handed in*
Harbour officeService CenterGT YachtbrokersJonkers YachtsDifferent

WINTER LAY-UP LASTS FROM 01-10-2020 TO 01-04-2021

Winter lay-up inside € 65,00 per m2 incl. VAT
  • Pick up and drop off from the berth at Marina Port Zélande (if the key is present and there are no peculiarities)
  • Lifting out/returning to water
  • Spraying below waterline
  • Placing the boat on the cradle
  • Removing gas cylinders from the boat, placing in gas cylinder locker during storage and reinstalling on boat
  • Frost-free storage inside (the unit is open on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.30, around the turn of the year we are closed for 3 weeks and the unit is not accessible)
  • Exclusive of lowering and raising masts
On board gas bottles
NB It is not permitted to work on boats stored inside.
Winter lay-up outside € 32 per m2 including VAT
  • Pick up and drop off from the berth at Marina Port Zélande (if the key is present and there are no peculiarities)
  • Lifting out/returning to water
  • Spraying below waterline
  • Placing the boat on the cradle - outside storage
Boat stays in the water (if out of the water in spring, make a timely appointment)
Week no. boat out of water - 2020
Week no. boat in water - 2021
If you store your boat inside for the winter lay-up, it is extremely important that you fill in a date for the launch now to avoid waiting times in the spring.
Remarks regarding hoisting the boat (bilge keel, vulnerable logger, etc.).


Extra for storage:

Complete boat wash (exterior of boat) for indoor storage Lowering and raising the mast
Storage mast*
outside - € 8,00inside - € 12,00 per meter
Length mast in meters
Crane costs: per occasion € 46,50 + labour € 76 per hour including VAT excluding tuning.
Tuning mast after raising Dismantling sails in autumn Fixing sails in spring Indoor dinghy storage € 65 per m2 including VAT Indoor dinghy storage on own trailer (up to max. length of 6 m including drawbar) € 57.50 per m2 including VAT
Brand dinghy
Type dinghy
Name dinghy
Length dinghy
Beam dinghy

Preparing for winter and summer: (we use environmentally friendly coolant)

Rinse engines and generators with fresh water, coolant/preparing for winter Protecting all pumps and other frost-sensitive systems against frost (toilet, air conditioning, etc.) Summer preparation of engine in spring Preparing drinking water system for summer

Engine, propulsion, generator:

Service inboard engines
Construction year
Standard service
  • Replace motorolie(filter)
  • Replace fuel(pre)filter(s)
  • Replace impeller (if present)
  • Replace engineblock anodes
  • Lubricate mechanical moving parts
  • Multiple (visual) checks
  • Cleaning pitcher
Extended service
  • Standard service incl. the following:
  • Set valves
  • Replace coolant (if applicable)
  • Replace oil gearbox (no sail drive)
  • Possibly. additional required checks
  • E.e.a. according to manufacturer's specification
Service generators
Standard service
Extended service
Inspection and service of saildrive
Standard service
  • Cleaning
  • Lubricating
  • Check oil
Extended service
  • Cleaning
  • Lubricating
  • Check oil
  • Antifouling saildrive
Inspection and service of stern drive(s)
Standaard service
  • Check oil
  • Lubricate grease nipples
Extended service
  • Check oil
  • Lubricate grease nipples
  • De- and construct tailpiece and propeller
  • Check alignment
  • Check impeller if in tailpiece, else on engineservice

Batteries, battery charger and inverter:

Accu onderhoud
  • Disconnect poles + lubricate
  • Refilling gedemineralised water if applicable
  • Charging and testen 2 x during winter
Number of batteries present
Li-Ion batteries present
Check batterycharger
Check inverter


Antifouling below waterline Under normal maintenance, including materials used and labour.
Price: € 60,00 per linear metre LOA per layer (if boat is in good, smooth condition below the waterline). Extra work below the waterline due to rusty keel or barnacles will be calculated subsequently. Antifouling of saildrive (included in major overhaul of saildrive) Anti-fouling of sterndrive

Multiple checks / labor:

Check/replace anodes (saildrive, sterndrives, propeller shafts, bow thruster, stern thruster) Inspection and servicing of propeller and propeller shaft (cleaning and lubrication) Inspection and servicing of bow/stern thruster (check/replacement* oil, grease) Inspection and service of rudder and steering system (steering cables) Inspection and lubrication of outboard cranes and through-hull fittings Service drinking water system (cleaning/replacing filters, rinsing the tank, etc.) Check navigation lights of boat + necessary replacement bulbs, etc.

Mast, sails and deck fittings:

Washing and, if necessary, repairing sails Inspection and maintenance of rigging
Inspection and service of winches and deck fittings


Replacement of gas pipes and pressure regulator (if applicable), checking gas installation for leaks
Life raft inspection with certificate and inspection report Lifejacket inspection
Inspection of fire extinguishers/fire extinguishing system


Quotation for polishing work We will give you a specified quotation for polishing and waxing the hull and deck, cleaning the teak and/or anti-slip and stainless steel.
You can then indicate the work desired.

Additional work:

Please supply a quote of/information about:

As soon as you click on send, you accept the regulations for storage of your boat at Marina Port Zélande. You can download them here.

I have read and agree with the conditions and regulations Marina Port Zélande imposes on the storage of my boat.

* Please cross out the inapplicable options.
** Only fully completed and signed booking forms will be processed by us.
*** HISWA General Terms and Conditions of Acceptance, Sale and Delivery and HISWA General Terms and Conditions for the Hire of Moorings and/or Storage Places can be collected from the Service Center or downloaded.
**** No refund will be given in the event of a reduced lay-up period at the customer's request.


For questions about our winter lay-up, you can of course call us on +31 (0)111-671920(2) or contact us via SERVICE@MPZ.NL

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