Service Center

For all work on your boat, you can visit the very modern Service Center, located in the middle large unit on the site. This is also the location of our fuel station where both diesel and Euro 95 are available. There, you will also find the reception system for oily water and waste water.


At the Service Center, we can take care of all conceivable repairs and maintenance work for you. Examples include hoisting, standard engine work, malfunctions, re-motorisation, large or small damage repair in steel or polyester, osmosis and below waterline treatment, spraying and painting, bow or stern thruster installations, electrical systems, navigation equipment, mast or rigging work and stabiliser systems.

And everything we do, we do well and with passion. We use as many original parts as possible and when these are not available, we look for the best alternative. If we do not have the capabilities or knowledge in-house, we engage an external party. However, we are always the main contractor and point of contact.


The Service Center has numerous facilities, such as a 40-tonne boat lift, boat trailers, gantries, a trailer ramp, workshops for various trades, a spraying hall, and a winter storage hall that has been awarded the Safe Boat Storage Seal of Approval since 2009.

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