The table below shows our rates for 2021.

Discount scheme

  • If you now rent a berth for 3 years and pay the rent in one go, you only have to pay 2.5 years
  • If you now rent a berth for 3 years, but you want to pay per year, you will enjoy a discount of 5% over the entire period
  • If you now rent a berth for 5 years and pay the rent in one go, you only have to pay 4 years
  • If you now rent a berth for 5 years, but you want to pay per year, you will enjoy a discount of 10% over the entire period
Box size 1 year rent 3 year rent
pay per year
5 years’ rent
pay per year
3 years’ rent
pay in one go
5 years’ rent
pay in one go
8,5 1.707,52 1.626,19 1.552,29 4.268,80 6.830,08
9,5 2.023,41 1.927,06 1.839,50 5.058,53 8.093,64
11 2.760,56 2.629,12 2.509,61 6.901,40 11.042,24
12,5 3.324,78 3.166,48 3.022,51 8.311,95 13.299,12
13,5 3.888,99 3.703,81 3.535,44 9.722,48 15.555,96
16 5.017,23 4.778,34 4.396,28 12.543,08 20.068,92
18 5.867,36 5.587,94 5.333,94 14.668,40 23.469,44
20 7.018,19 6.553,02 6.380,27 17.545,48 28.072,76
The above prices are inclusive of VAT

Flex rates

Passantentarief € 2,80 per meter boat length per night
Weekly rate stay 7 nights = pay 6 nights
Monthly rate € 65,- per meter boat length per month

The rates above include drinking water, showers, WIFI and waste disposal. Flex contracts can start every 1st of the month. Rates don’t include tourist tax.


Advantages as a berth holder

As a permanent berth holder of Marina Port Zélande, you can use special discount schemes. We have partnerships with various marinas and organisations. The MarinaCard, the Seven Sister Pass and the TEM passport can be collected at the harbour office. The harbour flag, discount cards for the swimming pool at Center Parcs and the Grevelingen lake mooring fees card are also ready for you at the harbour office.

  • In the Seven Sisters marinas in the Southwest Delta, you can stay one night for free. On presentation of the Seven Sister Pass, you pay only tourist tax and electricity.
  • On presentation of your MarinaCard, you will receive a 50% discount on the passerby rate of Mercator Marina Oostende. This discount applies to your entire stay in this marina. Report to the harbour office, our harbour master will reserve a spot for you.
  • On presentation of a TEM passport, the MPZ berth holder receives a 50% visitor discount on an overnight stay in one or more marinas of Trans Europe Marinas with a maximum total of 5 nights per year.
  • On presentation of the MarinaCard, you can stay up to 31 nights free of charge at Jachthaven Waterland in Monnickendam.
  • One or two nights at 50% discount at the affiliated anchorage marinas. Become a member see VVW anchor project.

Our Partners

HISWA Conditions


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