Discover the Grevelingen Lake!

Lots to do: below and above water

Setting out into the natural environment is not only fun and relaxing but also good for your health. With the thousands of hectares of natural beauty offered by Grevelingen lake, you can always find an undisturbed spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of your natural surroundings.

Grevelingen lake is the largest saltwater lake in Western Europe. With a surface area of approximately 11,000 hectares, the possibilities for water recreation and other leisure activities are endless. A walk through nature, visiting a nice event, sunbathing or a bracing walk on the beach, it’s all possible here. With a bit of luck you might even come across a porpoise or a seal on the water.

Culinary delights

If there is one place that has a lot of culinary treats to offer, it is the Delta Region. At about 300 cafés and restaurants in the area you can eat mussels, oysters, lobster, eel or other briny delicacies.

Various events, attractions, museums, guided tours and cruises in the Grevelingen lake area are dedicated to fishing and aquaculture. For example, visit the Fishing Days in Bruinisse, the Zierikzee Port Day or seal sanctuary A Seal in Stellendam.

Useful and good to know

Useful if you’re out and about: an overview of bridge and lock operating times. To operate the Grevelingen lock, please call +31 (0)111 484262

300 metres from Marina Port Zélande you will find the Grevelingen lake’s largest fast boating area. Fast water sports enthusiasts need space. For racing, wakeboarding and so on. Of course this is not possible everywhere, there are a number of rules. For more information, go to

To navigate on the Grevelingenmeer lake, use the ANWB Water charts or the 1800 series charts. These are for sale at the Mono Sails & Sales water sports shop at the marina.

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